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Revisions to the Hatz Bantam Plans


PAGE 2, Fuselage Frame

Location 2, C
Eliminate diagonal braces 089, 090 of vertical fin and rudder.

Location 2, B
Part No. 085 can be .058 thick for a tighter fit before welding.

Location 5, A
Add X bracing between station 9 & 8 if aircraft is to be on floats.

Page 3, Fuselage Frame Details

Location 5&3, C
Station 3-10 & Station 4-8, add seat belt mounting brackets similar to the Hatz CB-1.

Location 1, D
Station 6-6, move rudder pedal cable guides up from 5-7/16 to 8-1/4 center to center.

Page 4, Fuselage Details

Location 6, D
Change elevator cable mounting bracket holes from 7/8 to 1 center to center.

Location 2, D
Eliminate Lateral hole and bushing on center of lower tail post hinge ring.  Lower brace wires attach to plate below tail spring.

Page 5, Firewall

Location 7, B
Relocate lower battery mounting bracket up to match battery mount. Top mounting hole position to remain the same and the bottom holes should be 7-3/8 below.  Mounting strap will need to be shortened to match new location.

Location 3, A
7/16 bushing stock welded to washer should be 1 long.  

Page 6, Landing Gear

Location 8, C
Change forward gear leg length from 2' 3 1/2" to 2' 3 7/8".

Page 7, Shock Strut, Cabane Vee

Location 6, D
Change tube -94, -95 from 7/8x.058 to 7/8 x .049.

Page 8, Elevator & Stabilizer Layout

Location 7 & 2, C
Eliminate stabilizer out-board diagonal braces.

Location 7 & 2, B
Eliminate elevator most out board and most in-board diagonal braces.

Page 9, Elev. & Stab. Fittings

Location 4, A
083 Bracket Trim Tab .050 thick 6061-T6 aluminum.

Location 2, B
077 Elevator Horn must be slightly notched on the forward lower edge to clear aft stabilizer mounting bracket.

Page 10, Rudder, Fin & Tail Wheel

Location 6 & 5, C
Eliminate fin & rudder upper diagonal braces.  All other diagonal braces are 5/16 diameter x .035 thick.

Location 3, A      Rudder horn .090 thick.

Page 11, Cockpit Seats

Location 3, C
Seat mounting bracket detail change dimensions from 1-1/4 x 4 to 5/8 x 2.  Change nut clip center to center holes from 2-1/4 to 1-1/8.  New seat kit supplied by hangar 10 Aero have longer backs (pilot & passenger sit lower).  Seat brackets must be custom fitted to accommodate whatever seat is used.

Page 13, Top Wing & Front Spar

Location 7, C
Add spacer between the forward ends of the compression tubes and the wing attach fittings for bolt clearance (forward ends only).

Location 6, D
Dimension between rear spar and T.E. 17-1/8.

Page 16 & 17    See attached drawings.

Page 19

Location 6, C    Add slots for push rod attach fittings.

Page 21

Location 7, B
O.A. length of torque tube 53-3/4.
Optional offset Fwd stick detail page.
Fwd stick height 14-7/8.

Location 1, B
Bell crank .090 4130 steel.   See detail sheets (2).

Page 27

Location 8, C
Interplane strut threaded rod end AN490HT8P -28 changed to AN490HT10P 5/16-24 UNF-3A

Page 28

Location 2, C
Cabane strut threaded rod end AN490HT8P -28 changed to AN490HT10P 5/16-24 UNF-3A.

Associated AN665-46R threaded clevis type tie rod terminal should be used.

Streamline tubing should be drilled through the AN490 to accept a 3/16 steel pin insert cut flush and cap welded in place on cabane and interplane struts.

Attached Drawings
Scale will need to be checked based on your printer settings.